Beyond the Text is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of helping students go BEYOND everyday learning by bringing the community to the school and the school to the community. This is accomplished through field trips, guest speakers, scholarships, community service, and more!

Our Vision

Beyond the Text, Inc. wants every school to place a greater focus on real learning through … 

  • field trips
  • guest speakers
  • community scholarships
  • career fairs
  • community service


What we do

Beyond the Text, Inc. believes in the community, consisting of schools, families, and organizations. We seek to bring all three into the same space and for the same purpose: enhancing the learning of the future generation. Communities will become stronger socially and economically if they invest in their schools. This investment is more than money. It’s human capital in the form of giving time, and the dispensing of knowledge learned. It’s also opening up the alternative places of learning outside of schools, such as museums, libraries, factories, battlefields, etc. Too often, schools ignore these as avenues of learning that will not only develop the mind of children academically, but also socially and emotionally as they leave the classroom, build bonding with fellow students learning, socializing, etc. Beyond the Text, Inc. is built to take students BEYOND the normal school experience.